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Dr. Lisa Fisher is a Research Assistant Professor conducting computational research for the APERIODIC Lab.  She completed her Ph.D. in Physics at Dartmouth College where she was a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow in Heliophysics. This fellowship supported her research in non-idealized plasma sheaths around spacecraft.  The primary focus of her thesis work was developing instrumentation and data analysis procedures for the measurement of ambient ionospheric oxygen ions.  This utilized particle-in-cell simulations and machine learning techniques.  Lisa also collaborated with researchers at the International Space Science Institute by providing experimental data for the benchmarking of plasma sheath simulations.  Currently, she is using ALEPH, a code developed at Sandia National Laboratories, to conduct research on the role of metastable populations, gas mixtures, and photoionization in the gas breakdown process.  Lisa is also engaged in teaching and developing new opportunities to broaden participation in STEM.‍‍‍‍‍‍

List of Publications

1) Saeed ur Rehman, Lisa E. Fisher, Kristina A. Lynch, and Richard Marchand. “Kinetic modeling of Langmuir probe characteristics in a laboratory plasma near a conducting body" Physics of Plasmas, volume 24 issue 1 (2017).

2) Fisher L. E., K. A. Lynch, P. A. Fernandes, T. A. Bekkeng, J. Moen, M. Zettergren, R. J. Miceli,S. Powell, M. R. Lessard, and P. Horak, “Including sheath effects in the interpretation of planar retarding potential analyzers low-energy ion data", Rev. Sci. Instrum, Vol 87 Issue 4 (2016).

3) PA Fernandes, KA Lynch, M Zettergren, DL Hampton, TA Bekkeng, IJ Cohen, M Conde, LE Fisher, P Horak, MR Lessard, RJ Miceli, RG Michell, J Moen, SP Powell, “Measuring the seeds of ion outflow: Auroral sounding rocket observations of low-altitude ion heating and circulation" Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, Vol 121, Issue 2 (2016).

‍‍‍4) Gayetsky, Lisa E., Kristina A. Lynch, “Flowing ion population from a resonance cavity source" Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 82, 045112 (2011).·         M. U. Siddiqui, L. E. Gayetsky, M. R. ‍‍‍Mella, K. A. Lynch, and M. R. Lessard, “A laboratory experiment to examine the effect of auroral beams on spacecraft charging in the ionosphere", Physics of Plasmas Volume 18, Issue 9, 092905 (2011)